Hand Tools

Builder's Tools
Bolsters, Cold Chisels & Scutch Chisels
Brick Hods
Brick Jointers & Rakers
Buckets & Builder's Tubs
Crow, Pry & Wrecking Bars
Door & Board Lifters
Feather Edges & Screeding Levels
Floor & Wall Scrapers
Gas Torch Kits & Accessories
Groundwork Tools
Mixing Paddles
Mortar Rakes
Plasterer's & Dry Lining Tools
Pointing & Grouting Guns
Roofer's & Slater's Tools
Scaffold Spanners
Shims & Wedges
Specialist Builder's Tools
Specialist Electrician's Tools
Specialist Flooring Tools
Specialist Rod Sets
Building Consumables
Bonding Agents & Admixes
Fire Cement
Flashing Tape
Glass Cleaner
Jetcem Cement & Repair Products
Line Marking Paint & Applicators
Patio & Drive Clean & Seal
Roof Seal & Bitumen Products
Water Seals
Angle & Corner Clamps
Band Clamps
Clamp Heads
Edging Clamps
Flooring Clamps
Lever Clamps
Locking Clamps
Parallel Clamps
Rack Clamps
Sash Clamps
Screw Clamps
Seaming Tool
Spring Clamps
T-Bar Clamps
Toggle Clamps
Trigger/Ratchet Clamps
Detectors & Testers
Battery Testers
Damp Detectors & Testers
Digital & Infrared Thermometers
Gas Detector
Metal, Power, Joist & Stud Detectors
Microwave Leak Detector
Sound & Light Meters
Voltage Testers
Engineering Tools
Centre & Edge Finding Sets
Combination, Protractor & Depth Gauges
De-burring Tools
Dial Indicators
Dividers - Spring
Engineer's Levels
Engineer's Scrapers
Engineer's Scribers
Engineer's Squares
Engineer's Straight Edges
Gauges - Feeler
Gauges - Radius
Gauges - Screw Pitch
Gauges - Surface
Gauges - Telescopic
Gauges - Wire
Magnetic Tools
Pin Chucks - Vices
Rivet Set (Set & Snap)
Screw Extractors & Bolt Grips
Silver Steel
Taps & Dies
Thread Restoring
Threaded Inserts
Toolmaker's Clamps
Trammel Heads
Zeus Charts
Dreadnought Files
File Handles
File Sets
Filecard Brushes
Flat Files
Half-Round Files
Hand Files
Handy Files
Millenicut Files
Millsaw Files
Needle Files
Pansar Blades & Holders
Round Files
Saw & Chainsaw Files
Square Files
Three-Square Files
Warding Files
Wood & Horse Rasps
Aluminium Hammers
Ball Pein Hammers
Brick Hammers & Mortar Picks
Claw Hammers
Club Hammers
Copper & Hide Hammers
Dead Blow Hammers
Drywall Hammers
Geologist Pick Hammers
Handles & Wedges
Nylon & Plastic Hammers
Roofers & Slaters Hammers
Rubber/Soft Hammers
Scaling & Chipping Hammers
Scutch Hammers
Sledge Hammers
Split Head Hammers
Tack, Jewellers & Upholstery Hammers
Warrington & Joiners Hammers
Hexagon Keys
Hexagon Key Sets
Hexagon Keys
Torx Key Sets
Torx Keys
Cable Knives
Craft Knives & Blades
Hacking Knives
Lino Knives
Pocket Knives & Blades
Safety Knives
Saw Knives & Blades
Shoe Knives
Snap-Off Knives & Blades
Specialist Knives
Throwaway Knives
Trimming Knife Blades
Trimming Knives - Fixed Blade
Trimming Knives - Folding
Trimming Knives - Retractable
Levels - Laser & Electronic Devices
Laser Accessories
Laser Distance Measures
Laser Levels - Automatic Rotation
Laser Levels - Point/Cross Line
Laser Levels - Point/Spot
Optical Levels
Levels - Spirit
Angle Levels
Box Section Levels
Electronic Levels
Extendable Box Levels
Girder Levels
Level Bags
Line, Pocket & Post Levels
Torpedo, Scaffold & Boat Levels
Water Levels
Marking Tools
Brick & Mason's Lines
Carpenter's Pencils
Chalk Line Reels
Chalk Lines
Chalk Powder
Combination Squares & Sets
Cutting Gauges
Folding & Carpenter's Squares
Line Blocks
Line Pins
Marking Gauges
Marking Knives
Mortice & Combination Gauges
Note Pads
Plumb Bobs
Roofing Squares
Sliding Bevels
Try & Mitre Squares
Mechanic's Tools
Automotive Tools & Accessories
Box Spanners
Brake Caliper Brushes
Car Jacks, Trolleys & Wheel Braces
Impact Driver Sets
Insulated Sockets & Spanners
Modules & Tool Tray System
Nut Splitters
Pick Up Tools & Inspection Mirrors
Socket Clip Rails, Trays & Clips
Sockets - Sets
Sockets, Ratchets & Accessories - 1/4in Drive
Sockets, Ratchets & Accessories - 3/8in Drive
Sockets, Ratchets & Accessories - 1/2in Drive
Sockets, Ratchets & Accessories - 3/4in Drive
Sockets, Ratchets & Accessories - Impact Sockets
Spanners - Combination Imperial
Spanners - Combination Metric
Spanners - Combination Sets
Spanners - Flare Nut
Spanners - Open Ended Imperial
Spanners - Open Ended Metric
Spanners - Open Ended Sets
Spanners - Ratchet Head Imperial
Spanners - Ratchet Head Metric
Spanners - Ratchet Head Sets
Spanners - Ring Imperial
Spanners - Ring Metric
Spark Plug Sockets
Specialist Mechanic's Tools
Torque Wrenches
Pliers, Strippers, Snips & Croppers
Bent Nose Pliers
Bolt Croppers
Cable Cutters & Shears
Circlip Pliers
Combination Pliers
Concreter's Nippers & Cutters
Crimping Pliers
Diagonal & Side Cutting Pliers
Electronic Cutters & Nipper Pliers
End Cutting Pliers & Carpenter's Pincers
Eyelet Pliers & Eyelets
Fencing & Twisting Pliers
Flat, Long, Snipe & Needle Nose Pliers
Hog Ring Fencing Pliers
Insulated Pliers
Locking Pliers
Revolving Punch Pliers
Sets of Pliers
Specialist Pliers
Tin Snips & Aviation Compound Snips
Water Pump, Multi & Slip Joint Pliers
Wire Strippers
Plumbing Tools
Basin Wrenches & Keys
Drain & Sink Cleaning
Gas Burners & Accessories
Gas, Pipe & Drain Installation
Pipe Benders & Vices
Pipe Cutters
Plumbing & Heating Consumables
Plumbing & Heating Tools
Roofing & Sheet Metal Tools
Work Mats
All Purpose Saws
Bowsaws & Blades
Compass Saws
Concrete & Masonry Saws
Coping Saws & Spare Blades
Dovetail Saws
Drywall & Plasterboard Saws
ERGO™ Handsaw System
Floorboard - Laminate Saws
Fret - Piercing Saws & Blades
Hacksaws & Blades
Insulation & Plastic Cutting Saws
Junior Saws, Mini Hacksaws & Blades
Padsaws & Blades
Powersaw Blades
Pull Saws & Blades
Tenon Saws
Toolbox Saws
Veneer Saws
Mains Testers
Screwdriver Sets
Screwdriver VDE Sets
Screwdrivers Insulated
Screwdrivers Multi-Bit
Screwdrivers Phillips
Screwdrivers Pozidriv
Screwdrivers Slotted
Screwdrivers Specialist
Screwdrivers Torque
Screwdrivers TORX
Screwdrivers VDE
Sharpening Tools
Diamond Whetstones
Multi-Sharp® Tool Sharpeners
Scythe Stones & Rubbing Bricks
Stones, Honing Guides & Abrasive Files
Tapes & Rules
Bench Counter Measures
Line of Chords
Measuring Rods
Road Wheels & Track Measure
Rules - Aluminium
Rules - Chrome
Rules - Rustless
Rules - Safety
Rules - Stainless Steel
Rules - Wooden & Plastic Folding
Surveyor's Rods
Tapes - Diameter, Marking & Dipping
Tapes - Long Tapes
Tapes - Pocket Tapes
Trowels & Floats
Brick Trowels - Broad Heel
Brick Trowels - London Pattern
Brick Trowels - Philadelphia Pattern
Bucket Trowels
Cement & Concrete Trowels
Cement Edgers
Corner Trowels
Flooring Trowels
Gauging Trowels
Groover Trowels
Harling Trowels
Magnesium Float
Midget & Margin Trowels
Mixing Boards
Plasterer's & Finishing Trowels
Plastic Floats
Pointing Trowels
Small Tools
Sponge & Rubber Floats
Swimming Pool Trowel
Tile Setting Trowels
Tiling, Mastic & Adhesive Trowels
Trowel Sets
Window - Tuck Pointers
Wooden Floats
Drill Press Vices
Engineer's Vices
Hand Vices
Mechanic & Fitter's Vices
Multipurpose Vices
Swivel Bases for Vices
Table Vices
Vice Jaws & Fibre Grips
Welding Vices
Woodwork Vices
Woodworking Tools
Bench Hooks
Cabinet Scrapers
Hand Drills & Braces
Hand Planes
Hand Rasp Files & Planes
Mitre Boxes & Blocks
Nail Pullers
Tack Lifter
Web Stretcher
Wood Carving Tools
Wood Chisels
Wood Turning Tools
Adjustable Wrench Spares
Adjustable Wrenches
Hook Wrenches
Leader Wrenches
Pipe Wrenches
Stillson Wrenches
Strap Wrenches

Power Tools

Angle Grinders, Wall Chasers & Metalworking Tools
Angle Grinders - 100mm Disc
Angle Grinders - 115mm Disc
Angle Grinders - 125mm Disc
Angle Grinders - 230mm Disc
Die Grinders
Disc Cutters
Electro Magnetic Drills
Powered Mortar Rakes & Wall Chasers
Batteries & Chargers for Cordless Tools
Corded - Other
Heat Guns
Cordless Angle Grinders, Wall Chasers & Metalworking Tools
Cordless Angle Grinders
Cordless Metalworking Tools
Cordless Wallchasers & Cut Off Saw
Cordless Drills
Cordless Angle Drills
Cordless Combi Hammer Drills
Cordless Drill Drivers
Cordless SDS Drills
Cordless Grease Guns & Caulkers
Cordless Caulking Guns
Cordless Grease Guns
Cordless Lighting, Radios & Speakers
Cordless Lighting
Cordless Radios & Speakers
Cordless Nailers & Staple Guns
Cordless Nailers
Cordless Staple Guns & Staplers
Cordless Planers & Routers
Cordless Biscuit Jointer
Cordless Planers
Cordless Routers
Cordless Sanders & Polishers
Cordless Polishers
Cordless Sanders
Cordless Saws & Multi-Function Tools
Cordless Bandsaws
Cordless Circular & Trim Saws
Cordless Cut Off Saw
Cordless Jigsaws
Cordless Mitre & Table Saws
Cordless Multi-Function Tools
Cordless Plunge Saws
Cordless Reciprocating & Sabre Saws
Cordless Screwdrivers, Impact Drivers & Wrenches
Cordless Impact Drivers
Cordless Impact Wrenches
Cordless Screwdrivers
Cordless Tool Kits
Cordless Vacuums & Dust Extraction
Cordless Dust & Chip Extraction
Cordless Handheld Vacuums
Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuums
Cordless - Other
Cordless Blowers
Cordless Concrete Vibrator & Mixers
Cordless Heat Guns
Cordless Inflators
Cordless Pipe & Thread Cutters
Cordless Rebar Tying Tool
Cordless Riveters
Drills - Rotary
Mixer Drills
Rotary Core Drills
Rotary Drills
Drills - SDS & Hammer
Rotary Impact & Percussion Drills
SDS Max & Hex Demolition Hammers
SDS Max Midsize Hammers
SDS Plus Hammer Drills
Inspection Cameras & Locators
Inspection Cameras
Multi-Function Tools & Engravers
Engravers & Points
Multi-Function Tools
Multi-Tools - Rotary
Nailers & Staple Guns (Gas & Pneumatic)
Brad Nailers & Pinners - Pneumatic
Coil Nailers - Pneumatic
Concrete Block Finish Nailers - Pneumatic
Finish Nailers
Flooring Cleat Nailers
Pneumatic Accessories
Stapler/Nail Guns
Stick Clipped Head Nailers - Pneumatic
Stick Roundhead Nailers - Pneumatic
Planers, Biscuit Jointers & Routers
Biscuit Jointers
Laminate Trimmer
Powered Saws
Chop & Cut Off Saws
Circular Saws
Flip-Over Saws
Mitre Saws
Plunge Saws
Radial Arm Saws
Reciprocating & Sabre Saws
Scroll Saws
Site Saws
Table Saws
Sanders & Polishers
Belt Sanders
Detail & Multi Sanders
File Sanders
Long Reach/Giraffe Sanders
Orbital Sanders 1/4 Sheet
Orbital Sanders 1/3 Sheet
Orbital Sanders 1/2 Sheet
Paint Stripper
Random Orbital Sanders
Screwdrivers, Impact Drivers & Wrenches
Spray Guns & Powered Rollers
Powered Paint Rollers
Spray Guns
Vacuums & Dust Extraction
Dust & Chip Extraction
Dust & Chip Extraction Accessories
Wet & Dry Vacuums
Wet & Dry Vacuum Accessories
Water Pumps
Workshop Machines
Belt & Disc Sander
Bench & Universal Grinders
Bench Drills & Accessories
Planer Thicknessers
Wood Lathes & Accessories

Power Tool Accessories

Backing Pads & Polishing Accessories
Angle Grinder Pads
Backing Pads
Buffing & Polishing Foams
DIY Sanding & Polishing Kits
Dual Action Orbital Sander Pads
Giraffe® Sander Accessories
Other Sanding/Polishing Accessories
Pads for Stone Finishing
Polishing Bars
Polishing Bonnets
Polishing Consumables
Sander/Polisher Pads
Spanners & Lock Nuts
Spindle Pads & Abrasives
Spindle Tapers
Stitch & Calico Mops
Alligator & Scorpion Saw Blades
Bandsaw & Scroll Saw Blades
Circular Saw Blades
Jigsaw Blades
Sabre Saw Blades
Burrs & Rotary Rasps
Rotary Rasps
Cable Reels, Site Lights & Transformers
110V Cable Reels
110V Plugs & Sockets
110V Trailing & Extension Leads
240V Cable Reels
240V Plugs & Sockets
240V Trailing & Extension Leads
Circuit Breakers
Site & Portable Light Accessories
Site Lighting & Portable Lights
Countersinks, Plug Cutters & Screwsinks
Countersink Bits
Plug Cutters & Screwsinks
Discs - Diamond
Diamond Discs - Abrasive Materials
Diamond Discs - Hard & Universal Cutting
Diamond Discs - Mortar Raking
Diamond Discs - Tile Cutting
Discs - Grinding & Cutting
Metal Cut Off Discs
Metal Grinding Discs
Multi-Purpose Discs
Stone Cut Off Discs
Stone Grinding Discs
Drill Bits - Glass, Tile, Core & Diamond
Core Drill Accessories
Core Drills
Diamond Drills, Tile & Glass Drills
Granite Drill Bits
Drill Bits - Masonry & SDS
Masonry Drill Bits
Mixed & Multi-Material Drill Bits
SDS Max Drill Bits
SDS Plus Drill Bits
Drill Bits - Metal
A101 HSS Left Hand Spiral Jobber Drill
A108 Quick Spiral for Stainless Steel
A110 Long Series Drills
A119 & A120 HSS Stub Drills
A125 Extra Length Drills
A130 Morse Taper Shank Drills
A170 Parallel Shank Drills
A200 & A225 Centre Drills - HSS
Blacksmith Drills
HSS Jobber, Twist Drills for Metal
Step Drills & Bradrads
Taper Drills
TiN Coated & Cobalt Jobber Drills
Drill Bits - Wood
Auger Bits
Expansive Bits
Flat Bits
Forstner & Lip & Spur Bits
Hinge - Boring Bits
Holesaws & Accessories
Arbors & Pilot Drills
Holesaw Sets
Multi-Tool, Biscuit Jointer & Planer Accessories
Biscuit Jointers - Accessories & Blades
Multi-Tool Accessories
Planer - Accessories & Blades
Rotary Tool Accessories
Nailing & Stapling Accessories
Brad Nails & Pins
Coil Nails
Collated Screws
Concrete Block Finish Nails
Finish Nails
Flooring Cleat Nails
Stick Clipped Head Nails
Stick Roundhead Nails
Other Power Tool Accessories
Angle Grinder Accessories
Annular Cutters
Back Box Cutters
Chucks & Chuck Keys
Disc Cutter Accessories
Drill Attachments
Flexible Shafts & Attachments
Morse Taper Arbors & Drill Sleeves
Plunge, Mitre & Table Saw Accessories
Power Tool Accessory Kits
Snappy Adaptors & Bits
Welding Rods & Wire
Wheel Dressers & Grinding Wheels
Router Bits & Accessories
Countersink (For Routers)
Dovetail Jigs
Guides & Collets
Hinge & Specialists Jigs
Postform & Kitchen Jigs
Router Accessories
Router Bit Sets
Router Bits
Staircase, Lock & Letter Box Jigs
Sanding Sheets, Belts & Flap Discs
1/4 Orbital Sanding Sheets
1/3 Orbital Sanding Sheets
1/2 Orbital Sanding Sheets
Delta, Detail & Multi Sheets
Flap Discs & Wheels
Mouse Sanding Sheets
Powerfile Sanding Belts
Sander Accessories
Sanding Belts
Sanding Discs
Screwdriver Insert Bits & Adaptors
Steels - Chisel & Points
Steels - Hex Shank
Steels - SDS Max Fitting
Steels - SDS Plus Fitting
Wire & Nylon Brushes & Wheels
Bevel Brushes
Crimped Wire Brushes for Bench Grinders
Crimped Wire Cup Brushes for Grinders
Cup Brushes with Shanks
End Brushes
Nylon Wheels & Brushes
Pipeline Brushes
Spiral Wire Brushes
Twist Knot Cup Brushes for Grinders
Twist Knot Wheels for Grinders
Wire Wheels with Shanks

Workwear, Tool Storage & Safety

Clothing & Workwear
Caps & Hats
Coveralls & Bib/Brace
Hi-Visibility Clothing
Jackets & Gilets
Knee Pads
Rain & Wet Suits
T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies
Work Aprons
Footwear Accessories
Non-Safety Footwear
Safety Boots - Toecap
Safety Boots - Toecap & Midsole
Safety Trainers
Manual Handling
Trucks & Trolleys
Personal Protection Equipment
Accessories for Safety Glasses/Goggles
Dust Masks - FFP1 Protection
Dust Masks - FFP2 Protection
Dust Masks - FFP3 Protection
Ear Defenders & Earplugs
Fall Arrest Equipment & Lanyards
Forestry & Safety Kits
Gas, Vapour & Dust Masks
Masks Non-PPE
Safety Glasses
Safety Goggles
Safety Helmets
Safety Shields
Welding Helmets
Safety Signs, Smoke & Fire Detection
Fire Extinguishers
First Aid Kits & Eye Wash
Safety Posters
Safety, Warning & Barrier Tapes
Signs: Fire Extinguisher & Equipment
Signs: Fire Safety & Safe Condition
Signs: General
Signs: Hazard Warning Large
Signs: Hazard Warning Mini
Signs: Mandatory Large
Signs: Mandatory Small
Signs: Mini
Signs: No Smoking & Prohibition
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Tool Holders, Pouches & Belts
Chisel, Bit & Tool Rolls
Tool Holders
Tool Pouches & Work Belts
Toolboxes & Tool Storage
Aluminium Cases
Parts Storage
Secure Hazardous Storage
Secure In-Vehicle Storage
Secure Site Storage
Tool Backpacks
Tool Bags
Tool Cases
Tool Chests
Toolboxes - Metal
Toolboxes - Mobile
Toolboxes - PACKOUT™
Toolboxes - Plastic
Tote Bags
Workbenches, Workmates & Trestles
Sawhorses, Roller Stands & Trestles
Workbenches & Workmates

Adhesives, Fixings & Hardware

Adhesives & Tapes
Adhesive Cleaners
Anti-Slip Tape
Araldite® & Epoxy Adhesives
Contact Adhesives
Double-Sided & Carpet Tapes
Flooring Adhesives
Gaffa & Builders Tapes
General Purpose & Craft Tapes
General Purpose Adhesives
Glass & Mirror Adhesives
Glue Guns
Glue Sticks
Grab & Nail Free Adhesives
Hook & Loop Tape
Industrial Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Industrial Gasketing
Industrial Retaining Adhesives
Industrial Structural Adhesives
Mounting Tape
Packing Tape
Spray Adhesives
Superglue Removers
Waterproof Tape
Wood Adhesives
Bolts & Nuts
Hexagonal Nuts
High Tensile Bolts
Roofing Bolts
Set Screws
Threaded Rods
Wing Nuts
Building Consumables
Bonding Agents & Admixes
Fire Cement
Flashing Tape
Jetcem Cement & Repair Products
Line Marking Paint & Applicators
Patio & Drive Clean & Seal
Roof Seal & Bitumen Products
Water Seals
Bulbs & Electrical Fittings
Adaptors UREA
Audio & Visual Accessories
Electrician's Insulation Tape
Fused Spurs & DP Switches
Halogen Tubes
Home Automation
Junction Boxes
Light Bulbs
Light Fittings
Light Switches
Night Lights
Outdoor Weather Ready Fittings
Sockets Switched & Unswitched
Surface, Partition & Back Boxes
Terminal Connectors & Fuses
Chains, Ropes & Tie Downs
Bungee Cords
Chains - Plastic & Metal
Ropes & Twines
Tie Downs
Aercrete Fixings
Cable Clips
Cable Ties
Cavity Wall & Plasterboard Fixings
Chemical Fixings
Fixing Bands
Frame & Window Fixings
Hammer In Fixings
Hook & Eye Masonry Fixings
Household Fixings
Jubilee Clips & Hose Clips
Lightning Bolts
Masonry Fixings
Pipe Clips
Plastic & Nylon Wall Plugs
Rigid & Modesty Blocks
Sanitary Fixings
Through Bolts
Tool Clips
Universal Fixing Plug
Worktop Clamps
General Hardware
Fixing Plates & Braces
Hand Tackers & Staplers
Cable Staplers
Hammer Tackers
Hand Tackers
Heavy-Duty Tackers
Plier Stapler
Staples, Brads & Nails
Cut Clasp Nails
Lost Head Nails
Masonry Nails
Mickey Pins
Netting Staples
Oval Head Nails
Panel Pins
Plasterboard Nails
Roofing Nails & Accessories
Round Head Nails
Spring Head Nails
Twist Nails
Veneer Pins
Riveting & Soldering
Gas & Battery Soldering Irons
Nut Riveters
Soldering Guns
Soldering Irons
Soldering Stands & Accessories
Soldering Tips
Carcass Screws
Composite Panel & Masonry Screws
Cover Caps
Drywall Screws
General Purpose Screws
Machine Screws
Mirror Screws
Multi-Purpose Screws
Roofing Screws
Screw Cup Sockets & Washers
Screw Hooks
Self-Tapping Screws
Socket Screws
Timber Fixing & Decking Screws
Window Screws
Wood Screws